About Namibia's only full-time social dancing collective.

The Salsa Club is a private dance studio in Windhoek, Namibia, founded and owned by Rémy Ngamije, a Rwandan-born Namibian writer, photographer, and salsa enthusiast. With Samantha Muller as its lead instructor, it offers salsa, bachata, and cha-cha classes to new and experienced dance lovers. As the country’s only full-time social dancing collective, it draws a diverse and passionate membership to its dance floor in the heart of Namibia’s capital city.

The Salsa Club is tastefully appointed and spacious. Well-ventilated in summer, warm in winter, and pulsing with an artistic and vivacious energy, the studio is equipped with comfortable seating, wide mirrors, a crisp audio system, a kitchenette, ablution facilities, and secure on-street parking for its members.

The home of social salsa dancing in Namibia

Since 2015, The Salsa Club has brought the joy of social dancing to Windhoek. Social dancing differs from professional or exhibition dancing in one important respect: everyone can join in the fun. Young, old, amateur, intermediate, or advanced—social dancing is an inclusive activity that creates opportunities for encounter and gives birth to communities wherever dancers are found.

The Salsa Club offers its members a unique dancing experience that connects the body to the rhythm, the soul to the melody, and dancers to each other in a magic and memorable way. Its classes and socials infuse Afro-Latino dancing roots, cultures, and histories with fresh, local elements to create a rare ambience. The Salsa Club is a recherché detachment from work-related stress, daily routines, and boredom. It is “another life”—a fearless, curious, and creative way of being which guarantees self-discovery and connection.

Stimulating classes, vibrant socials and parties, and fun team-building workshops

A limited number of committed members are offered the opportunity to embark on a unique dancing journey. By carefully curating a stimulating dancing curriculum, The Salsa Club provides each dancer with a clear, enjoyable, and milestone-filled trip through the infinitely expanding salsa, bachata, and cha-cha universes. Continuous upward learning curves allow students to find new ways of challenging and expressing themselves on any dance floor whether it is in Windhoek, Cape Town, Havana, Hong Kong, Bogota, Los Angeles, or Amsterdam.

Learning from conventional wisdom, The Salsa Club knows the best way to get anywhere is to go together; accordingly, its group classes are fun, well-paced, and designed to ensure every member arrives at their desired dancing destination. All classes are offered in a relaxed, supportive, and noncompetitive atmosphere. Exclusive members’ socials—”mini parties”—also allow members to hone their steps and patterns and discover novel ways of reinterpreting and expressing fundamental and advanced aspects of dancing.

Sabor!—The Salsa Club’s monthly public social—is a dancer’s delight with salsa, bachata, and cha-cha rhythms carefully curated alongside select reggaeton, dance hall, pop, funk, R&B, hip hop, and Afrobeat tunes to provide a dancing experience unlike any other.

The Salsa Club’s Rhy-Team workshops bring working teams together and impart timeless wisdom from the dance floor about leading, collaboration, and problem-solving.

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History is in the future

The Salsa Club’s past was defined by its nomadic and part-time nature as it looked for a long-term residence. As Salsa Windhoek (February, 2015 – December, 2016) it migrated across Windhoek’s cafés and restaurants. Then, as The Salsa Windhoek Social Club (January, 2017 – February, 2020), it enjoyed a long tenure at a generous Pilates studio.

Now, after five years in dance diaspora, The Salsa Club has grown into its new name and is proud to call the Doek Studio its permanent home.

Pre-Renovations: History Is In The Future, 2020. © Rémy Ngamije.

Located at 132 Werner List Street, the Doek Studio is a freshly renovated space reclaimed from a historic building that was a ballroom in the 1960s, a furniture store’s inaccessible storage space throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, and an almost-lounge in the latter 2010s.

Pre-Renovations: History Is In The Future, 2020. © Rémy Ngamije.

After years of vacancy, the abandoned first floor was renovated to fulfill a seemingly impossible dream: “to be a place in which to read and write all day and dance all night.” The Doek Studio’s history is in its future: it is a multi-purpose space that houses a creative writing and teaching workshop, a private gallery, and The Salsa Club: a haven for music and dance.

The Salsa Club: The Future Is History, 2020. © Rémy Ngamije.