Bachata Is The Answer No matter what the question is.

Despite humanity’s best philosophers, scientists, artists, and religious personalities, there remain a great many questions about the universe and its inner workings that remain a mystery.

But to the dancer, regardless of what the question is, bachata is always the answer.

—What was before the Big Bang?
—Probably bachata.

—Is there intelligent life elsewhere in space?
—If it has discovered bachata, yes.

—What is gravity?
—Bachata, the thing that attracts two dancers together.

—Did the top stop spinning at the end of Inception?

—Say less!

The vocal talents of Manuel Turizo, Prince Royce and Maria Becerra, Romeo Santos, Jessy Rose, Dana, Nicky Jam, Jay Wheeler, and Ralphy Dreamz combine to prove that regardless of whatever the question is, there can only be one satisfactory answer.

La Bachata—Manuel Turizo

Te Lo Pido Por Favor—Ralphy Dreamz

Tu Espero—Prince Rocye and Maria Becerra

Sus Huellas—Romeo Santos

Te Amo—Jessy Rose

El Canto De La Sirena—Dama

Loteria—Prince Royce

Si Te Preguntan—Prince Royce, Nicky Jam, and Jay Wheeler