Back In The Groove A successful return to the dance floor.

The Salsa Club has officially been open for a month.

What a month it has been: teaching foundational steps to new members; tweaking basics to enhance technique and styling; recalling patterns embedded in muscle memory for returnees; striving for confidence, grace, fluidity, and dance fitness in all classes; and, rediscovering the magic of partner dancing (something that seemed long out of reach because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic).

The Salsa Club’s dance floor has had it all.

There is more yet to come.

The first month back was defined by an introduction to The Salsa Club’s philosophies:

  • dance as craft (something one gets better at with dedication, time, patience, and practice);
  • dance as fitness (an aerobic activity that enhances a dancer’s physical well-being);
  • dance as meditation (an escape from the world and its stresses); and,
  • dance as community (an activity that brings people from all walks of life together).

Together, these philosophies have provided each member with an immersive, energetic, social, and rewarding dancing experience. With a new two-hour class format, both new and returning members have been permitted to delve into the nuances of steps and patterns, striving to constantly improve their timing and choreography. The longer class format has come with one distinct advantage: more dancing time—more songs, more movement, more fun. Each evening has been defined by gentle, physical strain that lets each member know they have thoroughly exerted themselves, and that they can depart the dance floor with a sense of accomplishment.

Despite finding its own rhythm, The Salsa Club does not dance in isolation. The coronavirus pandemic continues to be a factor in Windhoek and around the world—as such national COVID-19 prevention measures continue to be followed. The Salsa Club and all of its members remain committed to keeping its dance floor as safe as possible.

O! But how good it feels to be moving and dancing once more. This playlist, featuring the likes of Grupo Latin Vibe, Herencia De Timbiqui, Tania Matus, and Jesse and Joy celebrates a successful and long-awaited return to the The Salsa Club’s dance floor.

To all new and returning members: vamos a bailar!

La Llave—Grupo Latin Vibe

Te Invito—Herencia De Timbiqui

Turn Off The Lights—India

Protagonista—Tania Matus featuring Obed Calixto

3 AM—Jesse & Joy