Classic Salsa On Spin An assortment of tunes for the salsa vinyl heads.

Classic salsa is good for two things: firstly, it provides a listener with an aural sampling of the traditional composition patterns that made the music genre what it is and, secondly, its tempo—often slow or mid—is more accommodating of new dancers who are cutting their first steps in the dance world. These two traits make dancing to classic salsa music an essential experience for dancers of all levels.

While contemporary music might incorporate numerous influences from other genres, it remains important to periodically delve into the classical origins of the world’s most popular partner dance.

The Cuban Golden Band, Jimmy Bosch, Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Alex Bueno, Jerry Galante, and Luis Enrique are some salsa giants who have classics for salsa vinyl heads.

Canto Montuno—The Cuban Golden Band

Cocosito—Jimmy Bosch

Cao Cao Mani Picao—Tito Puente

Estamos Chao—Eddie Palmieri

Conteo Regressivo—Gilberto Santa Rosa

La Prisa—Alex Bueno

Estoy Enamorado—Jerry Galante

Tu No Le Amas, Le Temes—Luis Enrique