Frequently Asked Questions Know more about how The Salsa Club works.

What type of dance styles are offered at The Salsa Club?

The Salsa Club teaches LA-style or “salsa on-1” (it is danced in a linear fashion and is characterised by the forward-back basic, the cross-body lead, and numerous turn patterns). Bachata, cha-cha, and merengue are also taught. Kizomba and other dance styles are not offered.

Can I choose which dance I want to learn?

No. Members agree to join a special dancing journey defined by the bouquet of Latin American dances offered by The Salsa Club.

I do not have a dance partner. Is this a problem?

Not at all.

If I bring a partner will I only dance with that one person?

No. The Salsa Club teaches social dancing which requires members to rotate their dance partners. This allows dancers to become acquainted with various leading and following styles.

Is prior dancing experience required?


I have danced before? Which group will I be in?

All prospective members with previous dancing experience will be assessed to determine the best group in which to place them. It is important to book a demonstration class slot in order to secure an assessment.

Can I take private classes at The Salsa Club or at my private residence?

No. The Salsa Club does not offer any private classes.

Is there a dress code?

Not really. But the more comfortably one dresses, the better one dances. Since dancing is a physical and aerobic activity, the following should be borne in mind by prospective dancers:

  • Avoid wearing hiking or construction boots; slippers or sandals; high heels or any type of boots; wedges and other platform shoes. Light sneakers with thin soles will do.
  • Shorts, trousers, gym or yoga leggings, and a simple t-shirt are all one needs to dance. Baggy clothing and anything that must be constantly “pulled up or down” should be avoided.
  • Long hair needs to be firmly tied (to avoid whipping partners or other dancers when dancing).
  • Anti-antiperspirants and deodorant are essential. Heavy colognes and perfumes are not encouraged. Fresh breath, too, is imperative for all couple dances. (The Salsa Club keeps a fresh supply of mints in its studio.)

Do I need professional dancing shoes?


Where can I purchase dancing shoes?

Professional dancing shoes can be purchased at the following outlets in South Africa:

  • Ballet & Dance Emporium (Cape Town): 32 Plein Street; Phone: +27 21 462 7331
  • Dance Boutique (Pretoria)

Various online shops around the world stock, sell, and deliver dancing shoes to Namibia. Care must be taken to ensure that correct shoe sizes and any other shipping costs have been properly accounted for.

How old must I be to join The Salsa Club?

Prospective members must be eighteen years old or older when they sign up. There is no maximum age—dancing is the secret source of eternal youth.

The Salsa Club has filled all of its membership slots. Is there any chance of extra memberships being made available?

No. There only 50 memberships available. Prospective members can join The Salsa Club’s waiting list—should a membership become vacated and available it shall be offered to people on the list on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Salsa Club’s waiting list form will be made available at a later date.

I do not have a membership. Can I drop into The Salsa Club’s classes or socials?


Who can I expect to meet at The Salsa Club?

Doctors, accountants, lawyers, engineers, university lecturers, graphic designers, IT consultants, writers, photographers, and many others—The Salsa Club’s membership is eclectic and welcoming.

Does The Salsa Club host parties outside of its studio?

Yes. These are advertised on the website and on Facebook.

How long before I am a good dancer?

What defines a “good dancer” differs from place to place, and person to person. The Salsa Club favours technique, simplicity, and a graceful style of dancing. The dancing curriculum is designed to provide its members with continuous upward learning curves that encourage constant improvement and evolution. The Salsa Club’s members embark on a “dancing journey”, they do not go to a “dance destination.” Thus, a good dancer is one who is constantly learning and evolving.

Does The Salsa Club provide wedding choreography?


Can I hire The Salsa Club or its members for a performance or team-building workshop?


Is the Doek Studio available for venue-hire?


I am a dance (or fitness) instructor. Can I rent studio time from The Salsa Club?


Does The Salsa Club have any vacancies of any kind?