Fast Rhythms For The Slow Times An assortment of up-tempo tunes to speed up the passage of time.


Spring season in Namibia. It is usually defined by thawing temperatures and acquiring a steely focus for facing the rest of the year. While it is slowly becoming warmer (there are sly, chilly nights here and there), and the remaining months of the year materialise on the calendar without any breaks until December, there is the feeling of hesitation in the air: a pause—a pervading sense of things delayed, postponed, or cancelled.

This is the second spring in the pandemic. Many are wondering if it is the last. Most certainly, everyone hopes it heralds the beginning of the end of the slow times.

For The Salsa Club, this September would have been special: the month-end party would have signalled a return to the street salsa parties that brought the press of city life out of hibernation. And yet, here, like everywhere else, the uncertainty affecting group and outdoor events remains. Our dance floor, for the moment, remains still.

But that does not mean good music is not being made, or that it cannot be enjoyed wherever it is one finds themselves. Even in these slow times, there is always space and time for some fast rhythms.

Featuring the likes of Les Ya Toupas Du Zaire, Sofrito, Quantic, Beyoncé, Chop Daily, and Sauti Sol, this assortment of songs should keep any enthusiastic dancer moving in these tough and humdrum times.

Je Ne Bois Beaucoup—Les Ya Toupas Du Zaire

Tabou For The People—Sofrito featuring L Barrabas

Duvido—Quantic featuring Pongo Love

Already—Beyoncé featuring Shatta Wale & Major

My Touch—Chop Daily featuring Eugy

Rhumba Japani—Sauti Sol featuring Bensoul, Nviiri the Storyteller, Xenia Manasseh, Okello Max & NHP