Fast Tunes, Faster Footwork The trick is this: move, move, move!

Every salsa dancer’s journey is similar: the start—defined by learning the basics and becoming acquainted with salsa music and its varying rhythms; the intermediate or development stage—in which experimentation comes to the fore as confidence on the dance floor increases; and the advanced level—which occurs when a dancer has mastered timing, musicality, footwork, and complex and intricate patterns.

Regardless of place, dancers must first practice to slow rhythms before progressing to mid-tempo and fast tunes—the latter speeds of songs demand precise movements of the body and feet in order to dance on time and with the energy such songs demand.

Of course, learning how to move to slow rhythms does not mean one should be trapped in endless loops of the same songs. Every once in a while, it is important to practice to some fast songs to see how comfortable one is with executing steps and patterns at speed.

Featuring the Buena Vista Social Club, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, Setenta, Africando, Camila Cabello, Cali Flow and Yan Collazo, and the Quantic Soul Orchestra this playlist curates some fast and uptempo tunes that challenge a dancer’s understanding and interpretation of music.

The rule is this: fast tunes, faster footwork.

And the trick is this: move, move, move!

El Cuarto De Tula—Buena Vista Social Club

Quim Bon Bori—Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz

No Te Creo—Setenta

Betece—Africando featuring Amadou Balake

She Said What—Quantic Soul Orchestra featuring J-Live

La Negra No Quire—Cali Flow Latino & Yan Collazo

Don’t Go Yet—Camila Cabello