February Playlist 5 songs from the month that was.

Reconciliación—Afro Cuban All Stars

With the salsa season in full swing, February is all about keeping the momentum going. Few things are better for staying in the rhythm of dancing than listening to music. This offering from the Afro Cuban All Stars is full-bodied and anthemic, trumpeting its way invitingly to our dance floor as each street party’s opening number.

Lalala—Latin Influence

Part of improving one’s dancing is knowing and interpreting the music—it helps with choreography and styling. There is a rule at The Salsa Club: dance to the music with your partner. Latin Influence’s “Lalala” is a classic salsa song that has proven to be perfect for all dancers, whether they are starting out their dancing journey or further along, warming up for a night of fiery dancing.

Para Los Bravos—Grupo Latin Vibe

Another song that is perfect for all levels of dancing. For the beginner it has a steady cadence for practicing rhythm and timing. For the more experimental intermediate it offers an opportunity to practice more complex steps. And for the more accomplished advanced dancers it is excellent for stringing together the full arsenal of steps and patterns.

Bamboléo—Celia Cruz

First recorded in 1987 by The Gypsy Kings, “Bamboléo” is easily recognisable. It has been used in commercials of all kinds and made features in numerous films. (Even Snoopy gets down to it.) Celia Cruz’s rendition of this song takes the ear-worm guitar chords and supplements them with some trumpet work that calls out to anyone’s latent or dormant rhythm bone.

Abre Que Voy—Los Van Van

Los Van Van’s “Abre Que Voy” has to be one of salsa’s most popular exports. From its first notes it is lively. As soon as the other instruments kick in it becomes a full-on fiesta of rhythm. A rueda de casino favourite, it has to go down as as one of the best songs to dance to at any party in the world.