From The Rhythm To The Rooftop The house that salsa built.

Typical Namibian winters are not the best time to launch anything. The disparaging cold keeps most minds dreaming of being indoors. Foot traffic everywhere ebbs. A wait for the warmer months sets in.

But this winter promises to be different.

Unlike the last one that was defined by uncertainty as COVID-19 restrictions continued with no end in sight this one offers a glimmer of hope. With vaccines being rolled out in Namibia and current and prospective members taking the opportunity to be vaccinated, the possibility of returning to the dance floor is on a not-so-distant horizon.

In a month and a half, in the middle of July’s winter chill, the thrill of dancing promises to keep the community of new and old passionate dancers warm.

A smooth and polished dance floor: yep. Large, rolling mirrors: check. Wide windows which catch the afternoon and setting sun: affirmativo. Ample seating and storage space for personal belongings: indeed. Safe, secure on-street parking: but of course. Cool refreshments: check. Music: check and check. These are just some of the things to look forward to now that the countdown is officially on: The Salsa Club will reopen on 01 July 2021.

With a new studio and new class formats everyone is looking forward to returning to The Salsa Club, the house that salsa built from the rhythm to the rooftop.

Featuring the likes of Ray Barretto, Jimmy Bosch, El Gran Combo, Ibrahim Ferrer, and The Har-You Percussion Group this playlist is a gentle reminder why everyone is so enthusiastic about returning to Namibia’s only full-time social dancing collective.

Acid — Ray Barretto

Otra Oportunidad — Jimmy Bosch

Achilipú — El Gran Combo

Hay Que Entrarle A Palos A Éste — Ibrahim Ferrer

Welcome To The Party — The Har-You Percussion Group