Homemade Salsa Party On what would have been the anniversary of our first party.

While it has been pleasant to reminisce about the past and how different it was from the present times it is necessary to let bygones be bygones. Nostalgia, for all of its melancholic sweetness, is not a complete meal by itself. Dance—its origins, development, and culture—has always been about celebrating the present, regardless of its challenges and how slim or slight the victories may be. Dancers look forward to the next song, dance, and party—creating movement opportunities for themselves wherever they can be found, whether it be at Rio De Janeiro’s famous carnival parades, Cali’s salsa clubs, Havana’s streets, or the next available restaurant, café, courtyard, or verandah in Windhoek.

The Salsa Club maintains its high hopes of reopening and returning to its mission: to bring social dancing back to the city. Despite the ongoing setbacks, there remains a sense of optimism: the coronavirus pandemic shall be outlasted and its devastating effects on communities and culture will be slowed down and eventually halted altogether.

Still, March—The Salsa Club’s birthday month—remains bittersweet, a time for thinking back on all the good parties that were hosted in Windhoek. It is also a time to hope for and prepare for all the socials that shall come after.

On what would have been the sixth anniversary of the very first party hosted by Salsa Windhoek, find a speaker, a space in the lounge or kitchen to dance, and have yourself a homemade party with salsa, bachata, cha-cha, and assorted rhythms from the likes of Kevin Davis, Latino Royale, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, La Maxima 79, Sean Paul, and Quantic.

Time To Spend — Kevin Davis & Eco Caribe

Yemaya — Latino Royale

Mambo Con Dancehall — Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Lapiz Y Papel — La Maxima 79

El Cayuco — Tito Puente Jr.

Be My Baby — Leslie Grace

Eres Tú — Prince Royce

Necio — Romeo Santos featuring Santana

El Taxi — Pitbull featuring Osmani Garcia & Makassy

Give It Up To Me — Sean Paul featuring Keyshia Cole

Duvido — Quantic featuring Pongo Love