January Playlist Tunes that have kept us moving in the past month.

Querer Mejor—Juanes featuring Alessia Cara

With an even, regular cadence this song dispels the myth that salsa songs are always too fast to dance too. It has been a fun introduction to the world of dance for all of the new faces and feet on our floor as they embark on their dancing journeys. It is often intimidating to join a dance class because of the numerous stereotypes and myths that surround the world of dance—that it is difficult to dance, or that dancers are born, not made. However, with the right instruction, with patience, and songs such as Juanes and Alessia Cara’s delightful “Querer Mejor”, it is possible to have just about anyone moving in time to the music.

Vente Negra—Habana Kon Kalo

Despite its slow cadence, Habana Kon Kalo’s song has the ability to get bodies moving and allows for some pretty stylish dancing at any level.

Kind Of Latin Rhythm—The Juju Orchestra

Long, funky, and full of trumpets, this one is for ye of strong legs and endurance. It is a fun challenge for any dancer who wants to see how many patterns they can string together without repetition.


This one is for the party lovers. A cover of the Becky G original, this version by Mandinga is a mid-tempo offering full of rhythm and beat.

Un Pasito Por America—Boni & Kelly & BnK

Infused with some reggaeton, this song is fun and experimentation personified. It is excellent for classes in which students are required to test out their comfort with rhythm and to express themselves as naturally as possible.