La Mujer Sonora The one and only Maite Hontelé.

Known as La Mujer Sonora—“the musical woman”—Maite Hontelé, the Dutch trumpeter who has performed with the likes of Oscar De Leon, Ten Sharp, Alain Pérez, and the Cubop City Big Band is a salsa enthusiast’s dream for many reasons: her music is energetic and fun, traditional and contemporary, and experimental without losing its approachability. Her distinct trumpeting is unmissable on each of her songs—whether it is blowing out a salsa party tune or an intimate bolero melody.

With four albums to her name—Llegó La Mona (2009), Mujer Sonora (2010), Déjame Así (2013), Te Voy A Querer (2015), and Cuba Linda (2018)—Maite has cemented her reputation as one of the most important contributors to the salsa, son cubano, cha-cha, and bolero genres. Her Latin Grammy win in 2015 might be what catapulted her into the international spotlight, but it is safe to say that long before her win she was on the trajectory to fame.

Regularly performing with Colombian and Cuban musicians, Maite continues to add her distinct flavour to the bouquet of Latin American music while honouring its roots and classical heroes and heroines.

Slow, mid-tempo, or fast—whatever Maite plays, The Salsa Club dances to. Here are 5 essential songs from La Mujer Sonora for salsa lovers.

Lo Que Tienes Tú

Me Da Igual

A Mi Me Gusta featuring Goyo from Chocquibtown

Camínalo featuring Alain Pérez and Diego Galé

Nochecita featuring Herencia de Timbiquí

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