Más Volumen Some songs for turning the volume knob way up.

After a long week at the office, meeting the demands of modern life, it is good to unwind in some way. Perhaps that means meeting friends at a restaurant or having a relaxing day with the family. It is certainly hoped that dancing is on the cards.



If there is a need for some music to accompany the dancing, this playlist featuring The Whisky Barons, Palov and Mishkin, The Juju Orchestra, Ibrahim Ferrer, Africando, Gnonnas Pedro, Timbalive, and Aymee Nuviola featuring Baby Rasta and Gringo, and Nil Moliner featuring Ana Mena was made to have the volume knob turned way, way up.

La Murga (Whisky Barons Edit)—Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon

Ambiete Tropical—Palov and Mishkin

This Is Not A Tango—The Juju Orchestra

Yiri Yiri Boum—Gnonnas Pedro

Lindas Africanas—Africando

Tu Sabes Que Yo Se—Timbalive and Ronald Borjas

Oye El Consejo—Ibrahim Ferrer

Bailando To Se Olvida—Aymee Nuvialo featuring Baby Rasta and Gringo

Me Quedo—Nil Moliner featuring Ana Mena