One, Two, Three, Dance! A few experimental bachata songs to spice up a traditional dance.

The bachata music spectrum is as wide as it is deep, and as new as it is old. There are songs that only exist on ancient vinyl records; others are brand new, served up on the most advanced digital streams. Some songs have music videos, some do not. There are songs that have been covered and reinterpreted numerous times; tunes that have made the crossover into the conventional mainstream; and, elusive, mysterious, and alternative melodies from the underground. Bachata music is so diverse and constantly evolving that trying to navigate it can be intimidating for dancers of all levels.

Rather than trying to authoritatively map it, appreciating its various flavours and influences is an easier way to move between artists and movements. At The Salsa Club, a far-flung and isolated outpost of Latin American dancing, respect is paid to traditional bachata rhythms while a keen ear looks for new sonic expressions and opportunities for experimentation.

For the adventurous dancer a bit of interpretation opens up new dance opportunities in genres of music one would not typically expect. Pop and funk, disco and house—the possibilities are endless. All one needs is the universal key that unlocks all bachata dances: one-two-three-tap-five-six-seven-tap!

Featuring the likes of the Layabouts, Daft Punk, Modjo, Stardust, and the Superman Lovers, this playlist curates a weird but wonderful palette of experimental songs that spice up a dance rooted in tradition: bachata.

Listen to the music.

Find the rhythm: one, two, three, dance!

Rinse. Repeat.

Do Better — The Layouts featuring Portia Monique

Get Lucky — Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams

Lady — Modjo

Music Sounds Better With You — Stardust

Starlight — Superman Lovers