Rhy-Team Fun and energetic team-building workshops.

Working together towards a common goal; finding a tempo that takes a project from start to finish in an enjoyable and mutually rewarding way; peaceful conflict resolution and focused problem-solving; empowering leadership and involved, motivated participation from supporting members—these are some of the challenges teams of all kinds, in all industries, face at the workplace.

Successful ways of overcoming these hurdles is a top priority for all businesses whether they are small, medium-sized, or large enterprises, young startups or established corporate ventures. An inspired, cooperative team is essential for every organisation.

Fun and energetic team-building workshops

With years of dance training, The Salsa Club’s Rhy-Team workshops use timeless wisdom from the dance floor to foster confident and supportive leadership, enthusiastic collaboration, and goal-orientated problem-solving that brings teams together in lasting and impactful ways.

  • The Rhy-Team workshops cost N$350 per person.
  • The Rhy-Team workshops can comfortably accommodate 25 people.
  • They are hosted on weekdays.
  • The workshops are split into two 45-minute sessions with a 15-minute break in between.
  • They are relaxed and easy to follow. Fundamental aspects of salsa dancing (such as leading and following, rhythm training, and choreograph) are used to reinforce important principles of work and life.
  • The Rhy-Team workshops are an aspect of physical learning and prove that what the body remembers the mind never forgets.
  • Light refreshments are provided; all dietary requirements are taken into consideration.
  • All Rhy-Team workshops are hosted at The Salsa Club and guarantee a good time for all.

Feel the Rhy-Team

To book a Rhy-Team workshop:

  • Send a query to dance@salsawhk.com to receive a team questionnaire;
  • Book a date and session; and
  • Prepare to feel the Rhy-Team and improve your team’s working dynamics.