Romance For All Seasons A selection of sweet bachata jams to dance to with the one you love.

These are the facts of life: roses are going to be expensive this coming month (red, pink, white, and black—without exception, each bloom will be a thorn in one’s pocket) and chocolates of all kinds—whether local or imported, artisanal or mass-produced—will be sourly priced. Cards—both cheesy and truly sentimental—will also be scarce. Poorly-quoted Shakespearean sonnets are going to be à la mode for a couple of days—literature graduates everywhere will roll their eyes so much their collective ire will register a solid 4.5 on the Richter Scale. Then, of course, restaurant dinners are going to dine and dash various bills and budgets.

This is the strange cycle of so-called romance the world over every February: a curious and commercial drive to show affection to one’s significant other. A once-off activity which dissipates sooner than it arrives.

However, a select few know there is no romance like rhythm. A better, simpler, and more expressive alternative exists.

So forget the bouquet of roses and the teddy bears (who still buys these, by the way?), put aside the Swiss chocolates, and close the plagiarised cards.

Cancel the dinner reservations.

The best thing to get the one you love has always been a dance—anytime, anywhere.

Featuring the likes of Prince Royce, Camino, Daniel Santacruz, DJ Soltrix, and Lola Jane, here are five bachata songs to dance to with a significant other regardless of the day, month, or season.

Déjà Vu—Prince Royce & Shakira

Bebé—Camino and El Alfa

Contando Minutos—Daniel Santacruz featruring Dani J

Too Good (DJ Soltrix Bachata Remix)—Jasmine Thompson (Drake & Rihanna Cover)

Kiss Me—Lola Jane