Salsautumn Fresh salsa tunes to keep the spirit of dancing alive.

Autumn is firmly in season now in Namibia. The days are shorter, the chill has a pronounced bite, and, although slightly imperceptible, there is a “slowing down” of sorts as everyone prepares for winter.

But not on The Salsa Club’s dance floor where the music continues to play, classes continue uninterrupted, and dancers continue to spin to the likes of Café Mambo, Grupo Latin Vibe, Mamborama, Asere, Pirulo, and El Timba whose collection of fresh and lively salsa tunes help to keep the spirit of dancing alive no matter the season.

Come autumn, come winter, the show must go on.

Historia De Un Amore—Cafe Mambo featuring Alexio DJ & DJ OJ

Maria Cervantes—Grupo Latin Vibe

La Lucha—Mamborama


Me Gusta—Pirulo

Tu Eres Mi Amigo—El Timba