Some Dance To Remember Some dance to forget.

Why dance?

Because of the music, man. Someone has to move along to all the rhythms that the world has on offer. Because of friends—a dance shared is a song celebrated and it is not possible to celebrate alone. “The more the merrier” as the saying goes.

And because it is something to do. If one cannot dance, what can one really do?

Let’s try this again: why dance?

Well, it is one of the few things in this world that takes us away from who we are and allows us to be who we could be, even if it is for a couple of minutes.

Yes. But why dance, my friend?

To learn something new—salsa, bachata, cha-cha, the Electric Slide, or whatever—and tick off a resolution for the new year. To meet new people and break out of a social rut.

So, why dance?

As The Eagles said in “Hotel California”: “…some dance to remember…some dance to forget.”

But, really, there is only one reason to dance: because—just because.

Manzanita, Ibrahim Ferrer, Johnny Ventura, Leoni Torres, Henry Santos, Becky G, Romeo Santos, Vania Borges, Carlos Santana, Arnell Y Su Orquestra, Beyoncé, The 1975, Brenda Fasie, Oman Lay, Jason Derulo, and Kizz Daniel provide the soundtrack for any reason to dance.


Oye El Consejo—Ibrahim Ferrer

Tiene Sabor—Johnny Ventura

Como Si Nada—Leoni Torres featuring Nesty

Cuando Te Toco—Henry Santos featuring J. Fab & Paola Fabre

Amantes—Becky G featuring Daviles De Novelda

Sin Fin—Romeo Santos featuring Justin Timberlake

Ai No Corrida—Vania Borges & Quincy Jones

Una Noche En Napoles—Carlos Santana featuring Lila Downs, Nina Pastori & Soledad

Ban Sali—Arnell Y Su Orchestra

Cuff It—Beyoncé

Acapulco—Jason Derulo

I’m In Love With You—The 1975

Thola Amadlozi—Brenda Fasie

Understand—Omah Lay

CoughKizz Daniel featuring Empire