Songs For Sunnier Days Tunes that let us know better times are on the way.

These are strange times. Tough times. The freedom of movement is severely curtailed in numerous parts of the world. Dancing of all kinds is on lockdown. Many freedoms which were taken for granted are now missed: a song, a dance floor, the connection between dancers, and four or five-minutes of moving in rhythm.

Dark times for dancers.

Movement is how we express ourselves. This current state of affairs seems like a deliberate attempt to silence us.

But the good days will come around again.

That is how the world works: everything comes around again. Maybe not in the same way, of course, but they do, in different and better guises. Always better, never worse.

So while these bleak days of restricted movement persist, here are five songs for the sunnier days on the way.

Qué Bonito—Maite Hontelé featuring Alain Peréz

Maite Hontelé is one of the biggest stars in Latin music and it is easy to see why. Her music has an easy and inviting melody anyone, even people who do not dance salsa, can move to. “Que Bonito” will be good way to start the next round of salsa parties when the world returns to some kind of normal.


ChocQuibTown’s music has always been, err, contagious. They have mastered the art of composing melodies that thrum with urban rhythms. Their whole discography is bursting with beats which compel movement. Of the many songs they have recently released “Fresa” is one of the very best.

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Salsa Remix)—Rhythm Del Mundo featuring  Coco Freeman (U2 Cover)

We might not have found what we are looking for but we are looking. That, sometimes, is its own reward. There are times for searching, and there are times for finding. When the latter times come, we will dance to Rhythm Del Mundo’s cover of a U2 classic.

No Vaya A Ser—Pablo Alboran

Once the world turns that proverbial and medicinal corner—and we will—we are skipping the first gear and starting in fifth with this Pablo Alborán song. Straight out of the paddock like the running of the bulls—that is how it shall be done. The world is not ending if music like this still exists.

La Vida—Mi Casa

There are numerous signs these are not the end times. For starters, the sun still shines. The sky still puts out its best colours at sunrise and sunset. And numerous responsible global citizens are doing their very best to prevent the short-term and mid-term effects of this pandemic by restricting their movements and curtailing their natural desire for contact. As dancers, we have to do our part. But when we are able to step outside again Mi Casa’s “La Vida” will help us put our best foot forward.

So while the various four walls of our temporary confinement restrain us, there will soon come a day when the whole world will be our dance floor.

Just hold on.

La buena vista will return.