Sultry Salsa Smooth songs for the soulful salseros and salseras.

One of the many reasons salsa has become the world’s most popular partner dance is because of the diversity of the music available to dancers of all level—for every dancer there is a song.

There are fiery songs with fierce tempos for fast footwork for the most accomplished dancers; mid-tempo melodies that encourage movement for the intermediate enthusiast; and, of course, there are smooth and slow songs that simmer with soul—these are excellent for dancers who are just commencing their dancing journeys.

Maite Hontelé fetauring Herencia De Tembiqui, Buena Vista Social Club, Rhythms Del Mundo, Tania Metus and Obed Calixto, Jesse & Joy and J. Balvin, Caché, and Paquito Hechevarria are just some of the artists whose songs grace The Salsa Club’s dance floor with their silky sultriness, providing hours of smooth and soulful dancing.

Nochecita—Maite Hontelé featuring Herencia De Tembiqui

Chan Chan—Buena Vista Social Club

Fragilidad—Rhythms Del Mundo & Sting

Protagonista—Tania Metus

Manana Es Too Late—Jesse & Joy and J. Balvin

Thinking Of You—Lenny Kravitz

With You (Contigo)—Caché

Just The Two Of Us—Paquito Hechevarria