Sunday Sessions Relaxing songs to dance to.

In the soon-to-be world in which contact does not come with contagion—when we can once again breath raw, unmasked air; lounge at restaurants, cafés, parks, and beaches, for hours on end; or simply stay out past curfew—the following will be possible: on a random day when the sun is shining and the weather is sweet we shall move our dancing feet. (RIP Bob Marley!)

The freedom of having an independent space comes with the ability to have impromptu dance sessions whenever the mood strikes. No script, no warning, no teaching, for formalities—just a message to all of The Salsa Club’s members to put their shoes on, dress comfortably, and make their way to the studio for a Sunday session of salsa, bachata, cha cha, and merengue. Sure, it is fun to dance in the week, but what better way to see out a weekend and prepare for the new days ahead than with a couple of dances?

This long-held dream—Sunday sessions at the studio—is almost within reach. It is just there, on the horizon, around the next COVID-19 containment plan. Patience, though, remains one of the hardest patterns to learn.

In the meantime here are five relaxing songs to dance to featuring the likes of Sade (salsa), Sergio Mendes (originally used for samba, but works just as well for salsa), Lenny Kravits (salsa), Sting (cha cha), and John Mayer (bachata).

The Sweetest Taboo — Sade

Mas Que Nada — Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66

Thinking Of You — Lenny Kravitz

Brand New Day — Sting

Half Of My Heart — John Mayer featuring Taylor Swift