Unforgettable Chan Chan Five versions of the iconic song.

The Original Classic

Composed in 1984 by Compay Segundo as a son song, “Chan Chan” is one of the most iconic songs to come from Cuba. It has inspired numerous interpretations and covers, and still manages to arrest any listener’s ears with its haunting guitar chords and Segundo singing about the mythical love affair between Chan Chan and Juanica.

Few lovers of Latin American music can confess to not being captured by its opening lyrics—”De Alto Cedro voy para Marcané…”—or its melody and rhythm.

Recorded numerous times by Segundo, its most popular iteration is found on the Buena Vista Social Club’s eponymous album which brought “Chan Chan”’s melody to an international audience.

Mista Savona’s Kingston Fusion

Bouncy. Infused with reggae undertones. Demanding immediate movement. Mista Savona’s cover—featuring Maikel Ante, Felix Baloy, Solis, and Eugenio Rodriguez—adds an interesting bass line to an already iconic song.

Armando Garzón’s Bolero Interprepation

Stripped down to its bare essentials, Armando Garzón’s bolero version is slow and sensual, and perfect for beginner-level salsa dancers just starting out their dance journey and figuring out timing and rhythm.

Aymee Nuviola’s Cuban Take

A mid-tempo restoration that automatically gets hips shaking and feet moving, Aymee Nuviola’s cover is a cubano masterpiece that works well on any dance floor (and as a morning alarm).

Eco Caribe’s Party Classic

Fast, up-tempo, and fierce Eco Caribe’s cover is a Salsa Club party favourite guaranteed to get people on the dance floor and inspire some of the most creative pattern combinations this side of the Atlantic.