Valentine’s Vibe With good music one is never alone.

Valentine’s Day exists in two states: it is anticipated as an annual day of celebrating romance or dreaded as the worst day for the lonely. But when one is a member of The Salsa Club Valentine’s Day is just another day filled with dancing.

Caché, Alex Wilson and Aquilla Fearon, and Jesse and Joy are always a good place to start when it comes to salsa.

With You—Caché

Ain’t Nobody—Alex Wilson featuring Aquilla Fearon

Manana Es Too Late—Jesse & Joy and J. Balvin

For bachata, Vikina, DJ Khalid, and DJ Soltrix know how to set the mood right.

Loca De Amor—Vikina

Somebody—DJ Khalid featuring Mr Don (Justin Bieber Cover)

Girls Like You (DJ Soltrix Bachata Remix)—Maroon 5

Completing a romantic dance bouquet, Liquideep, Kina Grannis, Elton John, and Andy Grammer provide a house and pop switch in rhythm that proves on thing above all others: with good music one is never alone.

Fairy Tale—Liquideep

In Your Arms and Valentine—Kina Grannis

Are You Ready For Love—Elton John

Fresh Eyes—Andy Grammer